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Wood Essence 25 ml Bottle


Physical Promotes Movement, action, muscles and mobility
Emotional Dealing with anger, frustration
Mental Belligerent, aggressive, competitive
Spiritual For nourishing the Soul

In a Nutshell

  • Expression of the potential within
  • Energy and physical capacity to fulfill our life purpose
  • Competitiveness to achieve our personal best
  • Creative expression of who we can be
  • Action, Vision
  • Anger, Shouting
  • Spiritual purpose
  • Visionary, Pioneer
Composition Resonance Indications Quote


Anthopleura elegantissima

Wood Element


Grants us the gift of being “able to respond” to what is and to trust in the infinite wisdom of who we are and why we chose this particular incarnation.

  • For acceptance of self and others by taking responsibility for one's own reality
  • Allowing yourself to be organized by the universe

Only when you are able to respond from your higher Self will your choices lead to inner peace.
Only when you are willing to accept that you have chosen this event as the classroom for your learning will you be free.
Resistance to what is will lead to pain – at all levels.
Step back. Take another look. Take another breath.
And then choose your response.


Allotropa virgata

Water Element


Reconnects us with the time/space where the sperm and egg connected to give us this particular lifetime and fortifies free will to pursue our path and consciousness to understand and to accept or reaffirm our purpose.

  • Physical tonic.
  • Helps us to restore and replenish perfect health after attack and crisis
  • Dissolves feelings of separation from self and others while maintaining our own unique and individual integrity

Each soul has its own unique path. Find your own.
Use the signals of comfort and discomfort from your Body/Mind to let Spirit communicate with you.
Then follow this inner guidance.

Pearly Everlasting

Anaphalis margaritacea

Wood Element


Transformation through service

  • Promotes openness to the mystery of life and devotion in relationships
  • Seeing self in other
  • Commitment and lasting devotion
  • Opening to the mysteries of life

Many forms. One Self.
Do you think that you could love another more easily than this one?
The next one will offer the same challenges.
They are a reflection of you.
Be devoted to your Self in form – within and without.

Twin Flower

Linnaea borealis

Wood Element


for ourselves and others

  • Grants us the gift of non-judgement & compassion for others and mostly for ourselves
  • Releasing judgement and promoting one-ness and making space for everyone to express their fullest potential

Allow me to show you both sides of the coin.
Allow me to show you the paradox.
Allow me to show you the tension between yin and yang that allows form to manifest.
Allow me to show you life in all its polarities.
And when you want to give up your judgment and your belief in right and wrong, good and bad, think of my pink bells and feel your heart.

Quartz Crystal


Fire Element

Amplification/ Broadcasting

Amplifies all experience

  • The connection between man & the kingdom of crystals as well as between the crystals themselves
  • Acts on the thymus to balance the immune system
  • Assists with the retention of information
  • Decrystallizes congestion
  • Amplifies thoughts and feelings
  • Promotes expansion and dissolves uncertainty

My gift is to help you remember your mission.
I can clear away obstacles and expand your innate potential to accomplish your goals.

Am I expressing my creativity and fulfilling my purpose?




Essences (Realms) Combinations
Resonance Pioneer
Key Attractors Response-ability, Purpose, Devotion, Compassion, Amplification, Action, Movement, Soul, Vision
Key Challenges Mobility, Anger, Frustration, Belligerent, Aggressive, Competitive
Meridians Liver, Bladder, Kidney, Gall Bladder, Stomach
Chakras Solar Plexus, Forehead, Sacral/Sex, Throat, Navel, Third Eye/Ajna, Heart, Root/Basic
Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual Response-ability
Meridian Gall Bladder
Meridian Bladder
Meridian Kidney
Meridian Small Intestine
Chakra Forehead
Chakra Heart
Chakra Navel
Chakra Root/Basic
Chakra Sacral/Sex
Chakra Solar Plexus
Chakra Third Eye/Ajna
Meridian Liver
Chakra Throat
Essences (Realms)
Third Eye/Ajna
Solar Plexus

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