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Pacific Essences® is dedicated to the promotion of Flower, Sea and Gem essences as non-invasive, gentle, and effective tools for healing. We believe that an essence is the manifestation of Spirit in each physical form. It reveals itself as the unique vibration or frequency in all living things. It is the energetic imprint of the life force of a particular plant.

We have begun to create informational videos posted on YouTube.com and featured on our website, that will help our customers understand how the essences work, and how you can use them to promote optimal well-being.


Encounter with 2 Humpback Whales in Hawaii

The Beginnings of a New Era in Vibrational Remedies

The First Sea Essences in the World

How the Balancer Essence was Developed

The Birth of the Abundance Essence

How the Heart Sprit Essence was Created

An Abundance Story from Japan


The information on this website is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified health professional. All references to physical conditions are based on the energetics of traditional Chinese medicine.

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