Sea Essences

A "FIRST" in the Vibrational Medicine Pharmacopoeia!

"One of the things that was clear about the sea essences from the outset was that they offered a range of entirely new frequencies in the realm of vibrational medicine.

The sea essences are clearly about transformations in consciousness. They are for major breakthroughs, for being able to contact the basic rhythms of the universe when we are going through change and for moving into spaces of greater perspective. Our initial experiences suggested that the sea essences are best taken individually. However, with further research we discovered that blends could be equally therapeutic. Even blends that used Pacific flower and sea essences in the same combination, or blends that used sea essences and essences from some other lines have proven to be effective. However, one of the gifts of the first twelve sea essences is that each one is precisely calibrated with one of the twelve meridians of Chinese medicine. As an acupuncturist, I still find it more effective to use the essences in the simplest possible mode and to attempt to discover the key underlying causative factor before selecting the remedy. Each sea essence is very precise and very powerful. They are like the energy of the ocean which can be peaceful and calm one minute and turbulent and fierce the next. They act quickly and usually have quite noticeable results."

Taken from
Energy Medicine - Healing from the Kingdoms of Nature
by Sabina Pettitt

The second kit of sea essence include large sea ceatures like Dolphin, Whale and Turtle. While the first kit focuses on preparing the energy body through the meridians of traditional chinese medicine to function more effectively, the second kit of sea essences calibrates the human electrical system to new and higher frequencies so that we can be more of who we can be. This includes expanding our sensory system and accessing parts of our mind that may have been sleeping.

The 24 Sea Essences are:
Anemone, Barnacle, Brown Kelp, Chiton, Coral, Diatoms, Dolphin, Hermit Crab, Jellyfish, Moon Snail, Mussel, Pink Seaweed, Rainbow Kelp, Sand Dollar, Sea Horse, Sea Lettuce, Sea Palm, Sea Turtle, Sponge, "Staghorn" Algae, Starfish, Surfgrass, Urchin, Whale.

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