Optimal Immunity

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Optimal Immunity Essence 25 ml Bottle


Physical Strengthens Spleen, increases white blood cells
Emotional Protects against psychic &/or emotional attack
Mental Prevents toxic thought patterns & eliminates old ones
Spiritual Warrior

In a Nutshell:

  • Readiness and preparedness
  • Safety and protection at all levels of being
  • Strength & protection for Body/Mind/Spirit
  • Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual safety
Composition Resonance Indications Quote


Stellaria media

Wood Element


Helps in resolving weight related problems but also can apply to other repetitive useless behaviours, obsessions, addictions

  • Ultimate presence & purposefullness
  • Acknowledging and experiencing timelessness
  • Being full present and able to respond

Lighten up.
Let go.
Remember how absolutely “present” you were the first time you saw stars twinkling in the sky.


Epilobium angustifolium

Fire Element


To all humanity. Like a Bodhisattva who is committed to staying on the earth plane until everyone?s suffering is ended.

  • Realization of the abundance of love both within and without
  • Helps us to restore and replenish perfect health after attack and crisis.
  • Dissolves feelings of separation from self and others while maintaining our own unique and individual integrity.
  • Leads the Body/Mind back to health & well-being

I cover the earth with a blanket of magenta haze.
I offer Mother Earth my love to heal her scarred surface.
I offer my fragrance to the honey bees.
I give and receive love and awaken the loving potential within you.


Aruncus sylvester

Fire ElementEarth Element


For the power to visualize oneself in a state of deep relaxation

  • Allows us to be at zero point when we are not using our resources to defend ourself
  • Reminds us to go to zero point daily through meditation & relaxation in order to support rejuvenation

Let me bathe you with my healing white cascade of flowers.
Let me nourish your wei qi. Let me support your immunity.
I am the energy of the goat – sure footed and determined.
I give you the ability of the cat – to sink down into the ground of being where harmony prevails.

Sea Turtle

Chelonia mydas

Fire ElementEarth Element


For persistance, grace, commitment

  • Ultimate protection especially for the heart which is the master responder to outside stresses & attack
  • Grants possibilities of converting/transforming energy coming towards us into something positive for ourselves

Let me carry you my child.
Open your heart and follow me through the sea and I will lead you to immortality.


Symphoricarpus albus 

Water Element


For accepting life as it is, in the moment

  • Being in present time is like being an impeccable spiritual warrior, a master martial artist.
  • Grants us the ability to notice when we are being attacked at whatever level

You humans often think that you are in charge – that somehow you have failed
if life isn’t unfolding exactly as you think it should.
Strive to work with the unfolding of events rather than thinking that you know best.
There is wisdom in embracing.

Protection at every level of our being.


Optimal Immunity


Essences (Realms) Combinations
Resonance Protection
Key Attractors Present, Service, Rejuvenation, Grace, Acceptance, Discernment, Warrior
Key Challenges Toxicity, Psychic attacks, Emotional attacks, Physical
Meridians Gall Bladder, Heart, Small Intestine, Spleen, Heart Protector, Bladder, Kidney
Chakras Root/Basic, Throat, Heart, Spleen, Third Eye/Ajna, Crown
Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual Adaptability
Psychic attack
Emotional attacks
Physical immunity
Chakra Throat
Chakra Root/Basic
Chakra Heart
Chakra Third Eye/Ajna
Chakra Crown
Meridian Kidney
Meridian Bladder
Meridian Spleen
Meridian Heart Protector
Meridian Small Intestine
Meridian Heart
Transformation of dis-ease energy
Transmutation of emotional toxins
Wisdom of the body
Immune System fortifying
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Energy/Vitality low energy
Meridian Gall Bladder
Essences (Realms)
Third Eye/Ajna

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