Synergistic Formulas for Health and Wholeness

These combinations were created in response to “special needs”.   They are user friendly and address specific key issues mentally, physically, emotionally and spritually.


Being True Worth

• Recognizing who we are.
• Freedom to express who we are in our daily lives & relationships.
• Transcending cultural programming / brainwashing.

PHYSICAL nourishes Lung & Large Intestine …
receiving new vibrant energy & releasing old toxic energy

EMOTIONAL welcoming new feelings, releasing old emotional patterns which don’t serve

MENTAL embracing new thoughts & attitudes,dissolving crystallized thought forms

SPIRITUAL grace / present/ expression

Fairy Bell
– for when we feel overwhelmed by the expectation of culture or family &/or feel like we just don’t belong where we are.

Indian Pipe
– supreme gratitude for & reverence & respect for all manifestations of life - including our own particular time/space/expression in this precious incarnation in which we find ourselves.

– understanding & appreciating the “give & take” of how spirit operates in form/material reality - what we put out we get back.

Red Huckleberry
– for the wisdom & determination to withdraw/retreat from activity & take time to tap into the infinite.

– rooted in Spirit while being able to participate fully in activity & day to day life (& playing our role).

In a nutshell:
• acknowledging and accepting strengths and weaknesses in ourselves
• acknowledging and accepting strengths and weaknesses in others
• fully enjoying and appreciating the role we came to play in the cosmic dance of life

Cellular Memory

• Supports and enhances the innate intelligence of each cell to maintain balance and harmony to survive and to contribute to the survival of the whole.
• Reminds each cell of its dharma (purpose) and unique contribution to the whole being.

PHYSICAL restores memory of cellular purpose

EMOTIONAL dispels discouragement

MENTAL inner peace and knowing that it’s all unfolding perfectly

SPIRITUAL embracing the divine

– grants us the gift of being “able to respond” to what is and to trust in the infinite wisdom of who we are and why we chose this particular incarnation.

– reconnects us with the time/space where the sperm and egg connected to give us this particular lifetime and fortifies free will to pursue our path and consciousness to understand and to accept or reaffirm our purpose.

– illuminates every cell and particle in our body/mind with the knowledge of our soul’s purpose in this incarnation.

Poison Hemlock
– moving along the path of life without getting paralyzed and stuck … accepting and embracing “what is”.

Silver Birch
– planting new seeds of energy and intention in order to fulfill our purpose.

In a nutshell:
• coaxing each atom to perform its function impeccably
• supporting us to tap into our own unique divine plan
• activating and enlivening our own unique DNA blueprint


• Ability to move into love and the Heart centre.
• Ability to stop time, shape shift, broadcast energy from the Heart instead of adrenaline & fear vibes.

PHYSICAL nourishes adrenals, supports kidneys

EMOTIONAL non-attachment

MENTAL clarity

SPIRITUAL consciousness

– fluidity & ability to be fully present for “what is”
– embracing the moment & all moments from the Heart centre

Ox-Eye Daisy
– perspective & higher perception, centredness

– the courage & strength of the lion
– prevents “fight or flight” mechanism kicking in inappropriately i.e. traffic jams, store line ups, etc.

Yellow Pond Lily
– ability to step back & witness the “drama” unfolding instead of forgetting who we are

In a nutshell:
• what is not love is fear
• present, presence, NOW


• Giving ourselves the freedom to disconnect from any and all “old and painful” stuff by letting go of any blame or shame that we might attribute to ourselves or others.
• Forgiving is the ultimate gift to ourselves and restores our own sense of self-empowerment and self-direction.
• For “control freaks” it is the ultimate and optimally healthy form of control.

PHYSICAL cleans every cell memory of any harm we have ever perceived that anyone had done to us

EMOTIONAL dissolves bitterness, resentment, fear, hostility

MENTAL erases resentment

SPIRITUAL frees our soul to dance the dance we came here to perform

Grass Widow
– grants us the gift of letting go and releasing the past

– grants us the gift of recognizing that ‘as we sow, we will reap’ and therefore if we hold grievances against anyone we are directing that energy at ourselves and binding ourselves ever more tightly to pain

Twin Flower
– grants us the gift of compassion for others and mostly for ourselves

– links the primary energy lines of the Body/Mind (Conception Vessel & Governing Vessel) and circulates revitalizing and renewing life force energy so that we may function from our “greatest version of our grandest vision” that we can hold of ourselves

In a nutshell:
• the gift of inner peace
• the gift of present time
• the gift of health

Kids' Stuff

• For all the fears (imagined and real) and dramas and traumas of childhood … when a piece of rope looks like a poisonous snake or the wind in the trees is a gang of monsters or we can’t get into bed at night until we’re sure that there is nothing or no one hiding under the bed or in the closet.
• For when we think the ‘sky is falling in’ or ‘it’s all our fault’ when mum and dad are fighting or when one of them gets sick … or when ‘bad stuff’ happens.
• Restores innocence and harmony and ‘acceptance of what is’ with calm detachment and lightheartedness.
• Also for childhood conflicts and sibling rivalry.

PHYSICAL tickles the heart with a feather

EMOTIONAL joy and delight

MENTAL dispels seriousness

SPIRITUAL helps us to know the Spirit within

Alum Root
– promotes gentleness with self and others

– remembering and embodying pure expression of Spirit … who we are … what we want … not allowing the Truth of who we are to be overshadowed by life experience

Lily of the Valley
– the magic of “seeing through the eyes of a child” and feeling with the heart of a child before “programming”

– maintaining connection with Spirit while living on the earth plane and in the physical body … provides memory of, and nurturing from, our true home. This essence generally provides comfort and security for little beings. Could be used during illness to nourish and restore spirit during change and transformation times to feel safe.
**this essence is good for grownups too!!!**

In a nutshell:
• restores innocence
• promotes spontaneity
• nourishes inner security and Self referral

Optimal Immunity

• Strength & protection for Body/Mind/Spirit.
• Physical, emotional, mental,and spiritual safety.

PHYSICAL strengthens Spleen, increases white blood cells

EMOTIONAL protects against psychic &/or emotional attack

MENTAL prevents toxic thought patterns & eliminates old ones


– ultimate presence & purposefullness

– helps restore & replenish perfect health after attack or crisis
– leads the Body/Mind back to health & well-being

– allows us to be at zero point when we are not using our resources to defend ourselves
– reminds us to go to zero point daily through meditation & relaxation in order to support rejuvenation

Sea Turtle
– ultimate protection especially for the heart which is the master responder to outside stresses & attack
– grants possibilities of converting/transforming energy coming towards us
into something positive for ourselves

– being in present time is like being an impeccable spiritual warrior, a master
martial artist.
– grants us the ability to notice when we are being attacked at whatever level

In a nutshell:
• readiness and preparedness
• safety and protection at all levels of being

Optimal Learning

• Helps us to access and to decode information with ease.
• Promotes the ability of the brain to function holistically and to access more of its potential.
• From a practical point of view it assists with learning disabilities like dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and in the bigger picture it can help those of us who repeat the same mistakes over and over and over again.

PHYSICAL promotes wholeness and integration in brain

EMOTIONAL destroys fear and restores self esteem

MENTAL promotes mental acuity and perception

SPIRITUAL reminder that the incarnated soul is here to learn

Blue Camas
– specifically links and integrates left and right hemispheres of the brain
– supports the optimal functioning of the corpus callosum, the bundle of nerve fibers which transmits information between left and right hemispheres
– promotes optimal logic and intuitive function of the brain

Blue Lupin
– enhances and supports the ability to focus our attention … when we are one-pointed in our endeavours we are able to accomplish tasks with grace and ease … especially helpful for those who have a tendency to multi-task and have difficulty bringing projects to completion

Rainbow Kelp
– balances and harmonizes the functions of the reasoning abilities of the front brain with the more emotive reactiveness and abilities of the ‘reptilian’ back brain

In a nutshell:
• optimal use of the brain
• optimal use of experience
• optimal functioning of the senses

Radiant Beauty

• Switches on the light of our inner beauty
• Illuminates Body & Mind so that through whatever the shape, size & physical features of the ‘vehicle’ we are driving in this lifetime we appear beautiful to all who perceive us and mostly “we accept and appreciate who we really are.”

PHYSICAL enlivens Shen, nourishes Spirit

EMOTIONAL dissolves & erases “ugly” emotions

MENTAL catalyzes “beautiful” thoughts

SPIRITUALbalance among the five Spirits –
Shen, I, Po, Chi, & Hun

– connects heaven & earth & allows earthlings to remember & to re-connect with who we are.

– the key to recognition of our true inner nature - immortal & infinitely loveable
– grants the gift of self-trust & self-confidence through releasing old thought & feeling patterns

Douglas Aster
– connected to our Source we are empowered to express our divine light

Vanilla Leaf
– self-acceptance, allowing ourselves to be seen & appreciated

In a nutshell:
• connecting with the divine
• accepting who we really are
• expressing who we really are
• allowing others to see who we really are

Super Vitality

• For rejuvenation and revitalization of Body/Mind/Spirit.
• Enhances stamina and promotes peak performance … great for athletes or for anyone whose natural vitality of the sex chakra is diminishing … and for anyone who is feeling the effects of aging.

PHYSICAL revitalizing

EMOTIONAL harmonizing

MENTAL restores optimism


– restores brain chemistry

– it is in being, not doing that we are able to express our most magnificent potential

Sea Horse
– ancient Oriental remedy for diminished life force and sexual energy; for aging

– grants us the potential to break through obstacles
– nourishes kidney/Water energy

In a nutshell:
• peak physical performance
• reverses aging
• optimal neurological function

New Attitudes
  • Removes difficulties and to "switch on" commitment to transformation
  • To do whatever is necessary to make changes in our behavior
  • To feel empowered to let go of addictions

PHYSICAL Assists with weight loss, smoking, and other physical habits which are not life supporting

EMOTIONAL Supports new and positive thinking around our ability to make changes in our behaviour

MENTAL Releases guilt and shame related to past failures

SPIRITUAL Reminds us to ask for help and to rely on our guides and helpers

– dissolves guilt and shame

– keeps us conscious and aware in the present

– encourages motivation to change

– for letting go of dysfunctional behaviours

Grass Widow
– releases old beliefs and limiting patterns

Moon Snail
– cleanses the mind and lets in light

Sand Dollar
– identifying 'core' issues that prevent us from making change

– for safety and psychic protection while going through transformation

  • Gentle cleansing of toxins at a cellular level
  • Clearing away cellular debris whether it is physical, emotional or mental
  • Revitalizes the Body/Mind

PHYSICAL Cleanses at the level of the cells

EMOTIONAL Cleanses toxic thoughts

MENTAL Cleanses toxic emotions

SPIRITUAL Allows who we really are to sparkle and shine

– increases vitality; stimulates the liver to throw off impurities

Green Tourmaline
– spiritual cleanser

Moon Snail
– cleanse the mind and lets in light

– unsurpassed mental cleanser and detoxifier

Sea Lettuce
– powerful cleanser for the Small and Large Intestine

Skunk Cabbage
– cleanses Gall Bladder

– for allowing the experience of 'emptiness'; supports the ability to 'let go'

  • Protection against radiation
  • Protection against EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies)
  • Syncing the energy systems of the BodyMind

PHYSICAL Acts as a physical protective shield against radiation and EMFs

EMOTIONAL Supports life supporting thinking in the face of electromagnetic toxins

MENTAL Dissolves fear of being harmed

SPIRITUAL Reminds us that who we really are is absolutely safe and protected

– illumination of mind and heart

– cleanses resonances of "old stuff" – physical or mental

Brown Kelp
– energetically provides the iodine to shield against radiation

– protects against radiation and balances and regulates RNA/DNA structures

Sea Turtle
– for persistence, grace, commitment, protection and adaptability

Tourmaline (Black)
– an energy deflector of all kinds of radiation and electrical environmental toxins

Being Peace
  • Finding peace within
  • Tapping into the Root of Compassion
  • Practicing loving kindness, good will and the will to do good

PHYSICAL Makes our bodies temples of harmony

EMOTIONAL Supports mindfulness

MENTAL Being compassion

SPIRITUAL Supports out commitment to the peace we want to experience in our world

– for living in community; respect for self and others

– realization of the abundance of love both within and without

Indian Pipe
– reconciliation with others and making peace with self; reverence and respect for all of life

Twin Flower
– non-judgement and compassion

– attuning with our own inner rhythms and practicing non-violent communication


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