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Kid's Stuff Essence 25 ml Bottle

This essence is good for grownups too!!!


Physical Tickles the heart with a feather
Emotional Joy and delight
Mental Dispels seriousness
Spiritual Helps us to know the Spirit within

In a Nutshell

  • Restores innocence
  • Promotes spontaneity
  • Nourishes inner security and Self referral
  • For all the fears (imagined and real) and dramas and traumas of childhood … when a piece of rope looks like a poisonous snake or the wind in the trees is a gang of monsters or we can’t get into bed at night until we’re sure that there is nothing or no one hiding under the bed or in the closet
  • For when we think the ‘sky is falling in’ or ‘it’s all our fault’ when mum and dad are fighting or when one of them gets sick … or when ‘bad stuff’ happens
  • Restores innocence and harmony and ‘acceptance of what is’ with calm detachment and lightheartedness
  • Also for childhood conflicts and sibling rivalry
Composition Resonance Indications Quote

Alum Root

Heuchera micrantha

Fire Element


Promotes gentleness with self and others

  • The power of the small
  • Manifestation of "god-ness"
  • Ability to move in a pattern without having to do it "your way"
  • Willingness to choose "to be"

Let us celebrate life.
Let us celebrate being – being who you are with trust and gentleness will lead you to enlightenment.


Stenella longirostris

Fire Element

Earth Element


Remembering and embodying pure expression of Spirit… who we are… what we want… not allowing the Truth of who we are to be overshadowed by life experience

  • Appreciation 'for all that is'
  • Playful, lighthearter
  • Inter species communication

I am the angel of the sea. I spend my days in harmony.
Let me show you how to dispel your heaviness, and dance like me.
There is nothing so serious or terrible that it can snuff out the light of your soul.
When you are feeling heavy, call on me.
I will lift your spirit and nurture your soul.
Why do you think that I leap out of the water? – merely to express my delight in my ability to do so.

Lily of the Valley

Convallaria majalis

Fire Element

Simplicity/ Innocence

The magic of “seeing through the eyes of a child” and feeling with the heart of a child before “programming”

  • Allows for freedom of choice by discovering the simplest mode of behaviour

Remember when you had no expectations?
Remember when one day ran into the next in flowing time?
Remember when the rhythm of your life was every moment a unique unfolding?
Through connecting with me you can re-connect with that time/space, which was not time/space, rhythm.
Moved from inner Spirit and experiencing BLISS.


Populus tremuloides

Fire Element


Maintaining connection with Spirit while living on the earth plane and in the physical body … provides memory of, and nurturing from, our true home. This essence generally provides comfort and security for little beings. Could be used during illness to nourish and restore spirit during change and transformation times to feel safe

  • For contacting Spirit
  • For the ability to transmit healing energies
  • To improve choice-making
  • Attunes to the gentleness of nature

I offer you the ability to be moved in Spirit.
I offer you the healing energies of Spirit.
Let my ability to be moved by Spirit, to be renewed in Spirit, to channel Spirit be an inspiration to you.
Yield to the energy of Spirit as it courses through your Body/Mind.
Flow with this energy and be connected to all that is.

Nurturing the child in each of us.


Kids' Stuff


Essences (Realms) Combinations
Resonance Joyfulness
Key Attractors Trust, Lightheartedness, Innocence, Simplicity, Spontaneity, Inner security
Key Challenges Seriousness, Overactive imagination, Withdrawn, Dour
Meridians Heart Protector, Spleen, Heart, Triple Warmer
Chakras Sacral/Sex, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye/Ajna, Crown, Back Neck
Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual Meridian Heart Protector
Self referral knowing who we are
Overactive imagination
Inner security
Chakra Heart
Chakra Sacral/Sex
Meridian Spleen
Meridian Heart
Meridian Triple Warmer
Chakra Back Neck
Chakra Crown
Chakra Third Eye/Ajna
Chakra Throat
Chakra Solar Plexus
Depression feeling heavy hearted
Perspective from the safety of the heart of life
Healing and Nurturing the Heart
Flexibility due to an open heart
Curiosity joyful exploration of experience
Spontaneity lightness and freedom of expression
Cardiovascular System tonic
Child and Parent
Wisdom of the inner child
Vision/Visionary seeing through the eyes of a child
Transformation of mind and heart
Essences (Realms)
Third Eye/Ajna
Solar Plexus
Back Neck

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