Heart Spirit Essence, Oil and SprayHeart Spirit Essence, Oil & Spray

Heart Spirit: Embrace life wholeheartedly- with joy, compassion and generosity.

The Heart Spirit® Essence dissolves old heart pain and encourages us to truly embrace the 'spirit of the heart'.

In traditional Chinese medicine the 'spirit of the heart', or Shen, is often translated as 'God'. Heart Spirit® inspires the individual using it to embrace their divinity and to radiate Light.

The spirit of the heart is Love, Light, Laughter, Joy. It is Peace, Allowing, Embracing, Acceptance. It is Comfort, Ease, and Enthusiasm.

Heart Spirit® kindles a space/time in our consciousness where we are able to respond from our hearts with generosity and ease.

The primary effect of this essence is to raise the vibrational frequency of the heart centre to its highest range. It promotes self worth and lends new meaning to the dignity of being human. It allows us to interact with each other with grace, ease, and compassion. It is much needed on the earth plane at this time.

The Heart Spririt® Essence includes all the flower and sea essences in the Pacific Essences® collection which are related to the heart meridian, the heart protector meridian, or the heart chakra. These are Easter Lily, Fireweed, Harvest Lily, Hooker's Onion, Salal, Snowberry, Death Camas, Grass Widow, Nootka Rose, Ox-Eye Daisy, Twin Flower, Lily of the Valley, Purple Magnolia, Periwinkle, Windflower, Barnacle, Jellyfish, Pink Seaweed, Sea Palm, Surfgrass.

Taking the Essence

The recommended way to use the Heart Spirit® essence is to take a few drops ( 3 or 4 ) every 10 - 15 minutes. Some people may find that taking the essence this frequently is too much energy to integrate all at once. We encourage you to experiment with your own best dosage level. This essence can be taken orally right out of the bottle, diluted in a glass of water, and/or used as a bath therapy.

The Heart Spirit® Oil contains pure rose oil and Heart Spirit essence in a carrier of apricot kernel oil. The essential oil of rose is nourishing to the heart. Heart Spirit oil can be used as a soothing massage directly on the skin, using only a couple of drops; or place a drop in the centre of each palm and after rubbing the hands together sweep the energy field of the body from head to toe, front and back. It can also be used as a bath therapy, using 33 drops into running bath water. For external use only.

Use the Heart Spirit® Oil as a soothing massage, using only a couple of drops. As a bath therapy, put 33 drops into running bath water. As with the Essence, experiment with how much you use, as some people find that frequent use may be too much energy to integrate all at once. With experimentation, you will soon establish your own comfort level. The Heart Spirit® Oil helps to nourish and soften heart energy. For external use only.

The Heart Spirit® Spray contains pure rose oil and Heart Spirit® essence in a water carrier.


I embrace life with an open heart.
I radiate Light and warmth.
I am an expression of All That Is.
Love is the centre of my Being.
I follow my heart and manifest my bliss.
I see the world through the eyes of my heart.
I feel good about who I am.
I feel compassion for all life.
I am at ease with my fellow beings.
I acknowledge that place in everyone where we are all the same.


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