Goddess Remedies Kit

The goddess Lakshmi

The first nine goddess remedies were made on New Year's Eve 1990, with the energy of the Full Blue Moon. They are made from special gem combinations and the gems we use in the goddess essences are only used for these special combinations

In May 2003 we were guided to make an essence for Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of Abundance. Lakshmi is the only goddess essence which is made from a combination of two orchid flowers instead of gems.

Each essence either encourages the qualities of the goddess archetype with which it is associated or assists in dealing with her challenges.

The essences are for both men and women. They will assist women to embrace the energies of the goddess as she manifests in different aspects of their lives. They will help men to recognize and to feel their own goddess energy within. The ultimate effect will be to enhance communication and understanding between the sexes so that we can move towards the consciousness of being humans together. They will help all who take them to acknowledge divinity within self and other.

The ten goddess remedies are...
Demeter, Isis, Kali, Kuan Yin, Lakshmi, Maya, Persephone, Radha, Shakti, Sita


• Greek goddess of agriculture and fertility
• Issues of creativity, productivity and fruitfulness
• To assist with the separation at childbirth, and separations between parents and children
• Especially helpful to parents who lose their Self identity and purpose when parenting

Qualities: equanimity; ability to be loving and supportive of the choices and life path of others, especially our children

Challenges: change and transformation; life cycles and passage; depression; self punishment and blame in the face of adversity and/or emotional pain


• Egyptian goddess of fertility and the devoted lover/wife of Osiris
• To attract a twin soul
• For self transformation through grief over the loss of a soul partner

Qualities: devotion; union; welcoming spirituality in relationship

Challenges: separation; grief; loss; relationship issues


• Hindu goddess of creation and destruction
• Issues of power and destruction especially self destruction
• Expression of primordial energy; dancing the dance of life with passion and grace

Qualities: ability to dance with the flow of life's energy; passion; grace

Challenges: anger; fear of emotional expression; suppression of energy; addictions

Kuan Yin

• Chinese goddess of compassion and mercy
• To develop these qualities and to provide us with nurturance when our load is too heavy

Qualities: compassion; mercy; forgiveness; non-judgement

Challenges: letting go of injury from the men in our lives; issues with the father; non-violence


• Hindu goddess of abundance and good fortune
• For good luck and prosperity

Qualities: generosity; good will and the will to do good; purity and spiritual power

Challenges: single-minded purpose coupled with economy of action


• Weaver of the web of illusion on the earth plane
• Acceptance of self as an expression of divinity
• Ability to contact the pure essence of being

Qualities: clear seeing; heightened awareness; self-knowledge

Challenges: being caught up in the melodrama


• Greek goddess of the Underworld
• Helps to access wisdom and knowing in the Unconscious
• Assists with healing the inner child

Qualities: ability to tap into the Unconscious; wisdom

Challenges: initiation; abandonment; terror; issues with the mother; feeling unsupported


• The female aspect of Krishna; together they represent the great love relationship
• Also an incarnation of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of abundance
• Devotion to self, other, and "God/Goddess/All That Is" with carefree abandon

Qualities: connected with right action for self; living in the moment; affluent; abundant; voluptuous; unconditional love

Challenges: limitations and limited thinking; appropriate behaviour


• The coiled serpent at the base of the spine - kundalini
• Powerful sexual energy of creation
• Female energy, the divine source of all aspects of female expression

Qualities: recognizing and trusting instincts; living bliss

Challenges: fear of sexual energy; survival; power and control issues


• Daughter of the Earth and friend of plants and animals
• To assist with communication with beings of the plant animal kingdoms
• To cultivate gentleness

Qualities: gentleness; trust; acceptance; available; allowing; unswerving devotion

Challenges: trust; acceptance of the unfolding of life's challenge; calmness and non-attachment to outcome in facing spiritual tests


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