Gem and Crystal Essences

Historically gems have been used to adorn ourselves and as precious treasures which can be used for trading. Few westerners know that there is a long tradition in Ayurvedic medicine which actually uses gems therapeutically. Since everyone does not have access to these precious minerals it became clear that we could make essences that would convey the healing properties of the gems without having to own the actual mineral. Because of their crystalline structure, gem essences are primarily used to create new structures in body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Gem and Crystal Essence Kits  

The gem and crystal remedies from Pacific Essences® are lovingly prepared using the energy of both the Sun and the Moon in the Mother tincture. Gems and crystals resonate especially with the chakras and corresponding glands in the human body. Their ability to resonate with the human energy system is due to colour, chemistry, and crystalline structure. Through their crystalline structure gems are capable of emitting consistent, repetitive vibrations. The body in response will attune to these vibrations and come into equilibrium.

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