Flower Essences

The healing gifts of the flowers of the Pacific Northwest on Vancouver Island are abundant and unique. Their individual beauty clothes our island year round - delicate blossoms in the spring turning to food for the bears and birds in the fall - Red Huckleberry and Salal for example.

The blessings of flowers is that they show their own unique expression without reference to another plant who may grow right beside them. They express their own individuality wholly and joyfully. Their only purpose appears to be to manifest their "greatest version of their grandest vision of themselves" without comparison or judgment.

Each of the 48 flower essences in the Pacific Essences repertory contributes a unique vibration which can assist humans to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The 48 flower essences are:

Alum Root, Arbutus, Blue Camas, Blue Lupin, Bluebell, Camellia, Candystick, Chickweed, Death Camas, Douglas Aster, Easter Lily, Fairy Bell, Fireweed, Forsythia, Fuchsia, Goatsbeard, Grape Hyacinth, Grass Widow, Harvest Lily, Hooker's Onion, Indian Pipe, Lily of the Valley, Narcissus, Nootka Rose, Orange Honeysuckle, Ox-Eye Daisy, Pearly Everlasting, Periwinkle, Pipsissewa, Plantain, Poison Hemlock, Polyanthus, Poplar, Purple Crocus, Purple Magnolia, Red Huckleberry, Salal, Salmonberry, Silver Birch, Snowberry, Snowdrop, Twin Flower, Vanilla Leaf, Viburnum, Wallflower, Weigela, Windflower, Yellow Pond-Lily

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