The Five Elements Combinations

Wherever there is too much there can also be too little. Excess and deficiency are both symptoms of an imbalance and a sign that we will operate more efficiently and effectively if we correct it. The Five Element formulas are designed to do just that.


• love, purity, protection, communication
• joy, laughter
• inspiration, expression
• communicator, wizard

PHYSICAL circulation, body temperature, toxicity

EMOTIONAL enthusiasm, passion, spontaneity

MENTAL equanimity, presence

SPIRITUAL consciousness

Harvest Lily
- for healthy relationships and cooperation among people
- unification of group energy
- promotes community

Hooker’s Onion
- sparks the fire of creativity and removes blocks to creative expression
- assist us to come from inspiration instead of memories

Nootka Rose
- it is in the experience of loving that we experience our highest potential
-releases and heals the heart from damage of trauma

Purple Magnolia
- nourishes sensuality and sexuality
- helps us to experience the fullness of all our senses in a good way, so that consciousness has - opportunity for maximum experience in the physical

Rose Quartz
– promotes love and compassion for self
- nourishes gentleness and vulnerability

- being in present time is like being an impeccable spritual warrior, a master martial artist
- being fully present allows us to use our Fire energy in wise and constructive ways

In a nutshell:
• expression of consciousness
• ability to deal with shock and trauma
• connection with others
• expression of the light within


• satisfaction, safety
• worry/pensiveness, singing
• intellect, needs
• peacemaker, mediator

PHYSICAL digestion, immunity

EMOTIONAL sympathy, hypersensitivity

MENTAL worry, overthinking

SPIRITUAL embodiment

- allows us to feel safe and protected
- dissolves guilt and fear and purifies the Body/Mind

- helps us to restore and replenish perfect health after attack and crisis
- dissolves feelings of separation from self and others while maintaining our own unique and individual integrity

Hermit Crab
- being ‘at home’ wherever we are and in whatever circumstances we find ourselves
- promotes the feeling of contentment and the ability to be alone

- dissolves worry and incessant thinking
- helps us to feel grounded, nourished and secure

- for safety and psychic protection
- dissolves obsessions and compulsive behaviour

In a nutshell:
• ability to digest experience
• ability to have clear boundaries
• groundedness and connection to the earth
• ability to discern what is nourishing and life supporting


• receiving, letting go
• grief, weeping
• vitality of qi, values
• artist, alchemist

PHYSICAL breathing, elimination


MENTAL melancholy

SPIRITUAL instinct

- helps us to release constraints and promotes self expression
- allows us to give up judgement and the fear of being judged
- fortifies courage to ‘follow our bliss’

- promotes clarity of thoughts, feelings and intention
- augments happiness, prosperity, generosity, confidence and stability

Death Camas
- spiritual rebirth and transformation
- especially empowering when we are faced with unexpected challenges
- helps us to feel connected to the eternal web of energy that is life

Grass Widow
- grants us the gift of letting go and releasing the past
- supports us to question and evaluate structures and beliefs

Purple Crocus
- provides a safe environment in which to experience grief
- allows us to fully embrace whatever experience we are in

In a nutshell:
• receptivity to life force energy via lungs
• letting go of toxins via large intestine
• having courage and conviction to express who we are
• balance between control and flexibility


• faith, trust
• fear, groaning
• will, direction
• sage, philosopher

PHYSICAL hydration, purification

EMOTIONAL fear, anxiety

MENTAL shyness, timidity

SPIRITUAL vital essence

Brown Kelp
- encourages leaps of faith which brings us back to our centre
- promotes hydration and dissolves fear and confusion

Easter Lily
- helps us to integrate different aspects of ourselves
- allows us to express ourselves openly and honestly – without artifice or pretense

- dissolves toxicity in the mental and emotional bodies
- resolves frustration and resentment

- nourishes the physical structure and aligns the spine
- erases thoughts and feelings which keep us in a state of holding, tightness and chronic misalignment

Smoky Quartz
- helps turn our wishes, dreams and desires into reality
- teaches us to simplify our lives and to live in a sacred manner
- grants us the gift of discernment

- filters impurities from the Body/Mind and allows us to experience our lives and ourselves with hope and wonder
- promotes inner peace

- fosters willingness to be guided and nourishes inner radiance
- balances and energizes the channels of light energy in the body – chakras and meridians

In a nutshell:
• DNA blueprint
• determination
• courage,fearlessness
• finding our way through trusting inner wisdom


• action, vision
• anger, shouting
• spiritual purpose
• visionary, pioneer.

PHYSICAL movement, action, muscles and mobility

EMOTIONAL anger, frustration

MENTAL belligerent, aggressive, competitive


– grants us the gift of being “able to respond” to what is and to trust in the infinite wisdom of who we are and why we chose this particular incarnation

– helps us to appreciate free will at the level of the soul
– supports our life purpose

Pearly Everlasting
– promotes openness to the mystery of life and devotion in relationships
– seeing self in other

Twin Flower
– grants us the gift of compassion for others and mostly for ourselves
– fosters optimism, humility and peace of mind

– amplifies all experience
– promotes expansion and dissolves uncertainty

In a nutshell:
• expression of the potential within
• energy and physical capacity to fulfill our life purpose
• competitiveness to achieve our personal best creative expression of who we can be


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