Joy of Life

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Dazzling sunny blend that refreshes, balances, energizes and comforts you while opposing stress and fatigue with its joyful energy. A joyful energy that allows a return to a child-like openness, enlightens the mind and the heart, brings light, joy and love, helps appreciate reality, re-create oneself, let go, relax, reprogram cellular memories and get rid of sombre thoughts and old-fashioned beliefs.


Joy of Life


Essences (Realms)Aromatherapy
ResonanceJoy of Life
Key AttractorsLightness, Joyful, Happy, Childlike
Key ChallengesHeavy, Dark, Overwhelmed
MeridiansBladder, Heart, Heart Protector, Kidney, Large Intestine, Lung, Spleen, Stomach
ChakrasCrown, Forehead, Heart, Navel, Root/Basic, Sacral/Sex, Solar Plexus, Third Eye/Ajna, Throat
Emotional, Mental, Physical, SpiritualChakra Third Eye/Ajna
Meridian Large Intestine
Chakra Root/Basic
Meridian Bladder
Chakra Throat
Chakra Sacral/Sex
Chakra Forehead
Meridian Heart
Meridian Lung
Meridian Heart Protector
Chakra Crown
Meridian Stomach
Chakra Solar Plexus
Meridian Spleen
Meridian Kidney
Chakra Navel
Chakra Heart
Essences (Realms)
Third Eye/Ajna
Solar Plexus

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