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Finding Home in the Heart with Heart Spirit™

I learned of the heart remedies combination when I was teaching the first Energy Medicine practitioner course in 1995. One of our students was a very competent flower essence practitioner already and she told us of this patient who had requested this huge formula containing all the essences that are related to the  heart chakra, the heart meridian or the heart protector meridian. I was skeptical to say the least. No. I was extremely skeptical. In any case I suggested that Dee continue experimenting and send us some information.

Later that year she sent me a tape and I began listening to it in the middle of a teaching weekend in Buenos Aires. What you need to know about the timing is that I was in this class with 70 students demanding very precise instructions about how to use the essences and I was telling them that my preference as a clinician is to give people single remedies, but at the very most I thought that 3 or 4 was the absolute maximum in one combination. And then I went back to my hotel and began listening to the tape about the heart combination.

The story goes that this young man had read the first edition of Energy Medicine and received some guidance to put together in one combination all the essences - both flower and sea essences, that had resonance with the heart chakra, the heart meridian, or the heart protector meridian. This involved 20 essences all together - 15 flowers and 5 sea essences. The only time I had ever even considered a larger formula was when I was working with a patient with 17 different diagnosed personalities.

This man had a background of abuse and abandonment. He was at a point in his life where he felt that if he didn’t do something to heal his emotional pain, his heart would either break or he would die. There was something about the severity of his plight that engaged the practitioner and she agreed to make up the requested formula. This man then began to take it at the rate of 3 - 4 drops every 10 - 15 minutes. Normally I wouldn’t even think that Balancer™, our essence for stress and overwhelm, would need to be taken that frequently. But in a few days there were HUGE changes in this man’s life. Work acquaintances were coming up to him and talking to him and asking him how he was doing and telling him that he looked really different. Strangers in stores were greeting him in a cordial manner. And the biggest change of all was that people seemed to be magnetized towards him. Some even ventured to say: “You look great!  Can I give you a hug?”  Within a few weeks of continuing the formula really big changes happened. He was offered a promotion at work. And a potential partner appeared. Clearly this man’s life was completely transformed. Moreover having had the opportunity to communicate with him some years after he co-created this formula I know that the changes were of a lasting nature.

Although I still felt cautious, I began experimenting with this heart formula with my own patients. I usually told them that the dosage might need some fine tuning ie they should take what was comfortable for them. I quickly discovered that people who had a lot of old heart pain to release could not take it as frequently as the young man who discovered it. I also noticed that these same people sometimes had difficulty taking it while they were at work. One solution that always seemed to work was using the essence in a bath especially at night when any pain releasing could be done more effortlessly in the sleep state.

The name for this combination was finally given to us. Clearly the impact on heart energy was huge, healing, enlighting, nourishing. And so we called it Heart Spirit™ because in traditional Chinese medicine the spirit of the heart is embracing divinity and radiating Light. And indeed these were the kinds of changes that I was witnessing in my patients.

One of the most common comments that are heard when someone is taking Heart Spirit™ is “Wow you look really different.!  And even more frequent is the phrase “Can I give you a hug?”  It’s as if when we tune up our heart energy we are attractive to loving, generous energies around us. Not really surprising is it?
Initially I was reluctant to give it to anyone who had a physical heart condition. But even that caution was erased. One of our students gave it to her 80 year old mother who had had two open heart surgeries and suffered from high blood pressure.  Her blood pressure normalized and later when she was diagnosed with a seriously enlarged heart she made the essence into a spray and sprayed her aura with it as well as taking drops every few minutes. The woman’s cardiologist was absolutely amazed at her recovery without conventional medical intervention. But the final blessing of the Heart Spirit™ essence was that a few months later her mother married her childhood sweetheart.

Encouraged by a few stories like this I began using Heart Spirit™ essence even with patients with a history of cardiac problems. Perhaps one of my most grace-filled experiences of dispensing this essence was in 2000 in Brazil when I had the great privilege of meeting Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche. He was talking to me about my spiritual path and heart work and in the process the translator mentioned to me that Rinpoche had a physical heart problem. I only had two essences with me - Balancer™ and Heart Spirit™. I hesitantly suggested that the Heart Spirit™ essence might help Rinpoche’s blood pressure. And indeed it did. To be able to offer the fruits of my dharma to a light being of such magnitude was indeed a great blessing for me.

My other favourite stories involving Heart Spirit™ relate to animals. Clearly animals offer us unconditional love and devotion. Often even after they have been badly mistreated by humans they still reach out to us. And Heart Spirit has enabled many animals to recover their trust. A man began putting food out for a stray cat. The cat would gladly partake of the feast but as soon as it saw, heard or sensed a human presence it would run away fast. This man had just begun to take Heart Spirit™ and had the thought to put some drops in the water bowl he had out for the cat. The next day while he was sitting on his deck the cat came and jumped into his lap and allowed itself to be stroked while it purred appreciatively.

The Heart Spirit™ combination is so special and of such a high frequency that we knew that if we made an oil it had to be with an oil that was equally pure and uplifting. Initially I wanted to make it with Lily of the Valley because of its simplicity and innocence. But after years of searching I discovered that it was impossible to extract a pure essential oil from this delicate little plant. Finally we found the perfect note. It is a rose oil of the highest quality that really smells just like the wild Nootka roses when I walk through the forests of the west coast or like the old fashioned scented roses which Michael plants in our garden. So far we not only hear about increased sensuality and openheartedness in relationships we are also hearing that it is helping people to sleep. Possibly the combination of the essence settling the spirit and the rose oil uplifting the spirit is the key to this result. And inspired by the initial response to the oil we have now made a spray using the same pure essential rose oil. I love using it to restore my own energy and wellbeing when I’m working with people and also find that it is a wonderful spray for clearing spaces and energetically refreshing my treatment room between patients.

Of course the key to the benefits of the oil and the spray is the Heart Spirit™ essence itself. And I never cease to feel gratitude for that divine combination of Nature Spirits in the essence itself that became manifest because a human heart and soul was seeking his own healing and an essence practitioner listened.

©2009 Sabina Pettitt
Pacific Essences® Ltd.

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