Being True Worth

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Being True Worth Essence 25 ml Bottle


Physical Nourishes Lung & Large Intestine; for receiving new vibrant energy & releasing old toxic energy
Emotional Welcoming new feelings, releasing old emotional patterns which don?t serve
Mental embracing new thoughts & attitudes,dissolving crystallized thought forms
Spiritual Grace / Present/ Expression

In a Nutshell:

  • Acknowledging and accepting strengths and weaknesses in ourselves
  • Acknowledging and accepting strengths and weaknesses in others
  • Recognizing who we are
  • Freedom to express who we are in our daily lives & relationships
  • Transcending cultural programming / brainwashing
Composition Resonance Indications Quote

Fairy Bell

Disporum smithii

Metal Element


for when we feel overwhelmed by the expectation of culture or family &/or feel like we just don’t belong where we are.

  • Lighthearted release from murky thoughts
  • Expands willingness to follow one's guidance
  • Eases depression

Let me show you the incredible lightness of being.
Let me light your way. Let me guide you with my bells.
Let me lead you on the path of Light.
Discard your heavy feelings. Discard your murky thoughts.
Come with me and dance the steps of life.

Indian Pipe

Monotropa uniflora

Metal Element


and respect for all of life. Smoking the pipe of peace and reconciling differences.

  • Reconciliation with others and making peace with self; reverence and respect for all of life
  • Supreme gratitude for & reverence & respect for all manifestations of life - including our own particular time/space/expression in this precious incarnation in which we find ourselves

Think of me when you need/want to create sacred space.
Even when physical space is limited,you can hold a space in your consciousness.
Let me teach you how to honour yourself and each other in this manner.
Let me show you the sanctity of the earth and all life on it.


Primula X polyanthus

Metal Element


understanding & appreciating the “give & take” of how spirit operates in form/material reality - what we put out we get back.

  • Dissolves blocks to abundance consciousness
  • Transforms attitudes of scarcity into ones of worthiness and willingness to receive

I offer you the gift of valuing who you are.
When you are firmly rooted in your worth you are able to give and to receive with ease.
Too long have humans believed that it is more blessed to give than to receive.
One cannot happen without the other.
Everything you give returns to you.
And you will only be able to receive blessings if you are willing to see yourself as worthy of them.

Red Huckleberry

Vaccinium parvifolium

Earth Element

Wood Element


for the wisdom & determination to withdraw/retreat from activity & take time to tap into the infinite.

  • To experience the power of introspection
  • Allowing ourselves to be nourished by taking time to digest
  • Storehouse of intelligence, discretion, and spiritual wisdom
  • Regeneration

Let me show you the value of going within.
Let me show you the value of rest and activity – Balance between being and doing.
When you pause and go within, you have new eyes to see, new ears to hear, new perception all around.
Give yourself this gift.


Anemone pulsatilla 

Earth Element


rooted in Spirit while being able to participate fully in activity & day to day life (& playing our role).

  • Spiritual tonic
  • Provides grounding and inner security

Soft and furry, delicate and mauve, I offer you the opportunity to connect with the Light of your being – Spirit.
Feel my energy coursing through your body/mind.
Experience my softness, my rootedness, my ability to be in touch with heaven while being deeply connected to the earth.

Discovering & expressing our value. Fully enjoying and appreciating the role I came to play in the cosmic dance of life.


Being True Worth


Essences (Realms) Combinations
Resonance Self-referral
Key Attractors Accepting and letting go, Transcending, Being who we can be
Key Challenges Limited thinking, Cultural programming, Limitations
Meridians Lung, Conception Vessel, Large Intestine, Gall Bladder, Stomach
Chakras Third Eye/Ajna, Root/Basic, Solar Plexus, Throat, Heart
Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual Acceptance of self, able to access self-esteem
Being who we can be
Limited thinking
Cultural programming
self deprecation
Chakra Third Eye/Ajna
Chakra Root/Basic
Chakra Solar Plexus
Chakra Throat
Chakra Heart
Meridian Lung
Meridian Large Intestine
Meridian Gall Bladder
Accepting and letting go via Lungs and Large Intestine
Abuse self-abuse
Respiratory general tonic for the lungs
Acceptance of Self from a place of deep inner security
At home in the world
Choice ability to release limiting patterns
Integrity through connecting with Spirit within
Self-worth nourished by
Rigidity due to lack of integration within self
Elimination general tonic for the colon
Meridian Stomach
Essences (Realms)
Third Eye/Ajna
Solar Plexus

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