Balancer Spray

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Balancer® Spray 50 ml Bottle

Balancer® essence and the essential oil of lavender are the activating ingredients in the Balancer® Spray for space clearing and energy shifting.


The soothing fragrance of the essential oil of lavender is calming to the mind and relaxing to the body. Considered a precious oil from ancient times, lavender carries the blue/violet energy which serves to align the etheric bodies. With the Balancer® essence added to the spray, the lavender aromatherapy is elevated to a healing frequency of broader magnitude.

The Balancer® essence, oil and spray all have the effect of harmonizing the Body/Mind. Used separately or together they are like stepping under the healing shower of a waterfall and stepping out rejuvenated and refreshed.

For External Use Only

For consciously welcoming Balance into our lives and in our environment


Balancer Spray


Essences (Realms) Aromatherapy
Resonance Balance
Key Attractors Centred, Harmony, Calm
Key Challenges Shock, Trauma, Stress, Overwhelm, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Chaos
Meridians All, Bladder, Conception Vessel, Gall Bladder, Governing Vessel, Heart, Heart Protector, Kidney, Lar
Chakras All, Back Head, Back Neck, Crown, Forehead, Heart, Meng Mein, Navel, Root/Basic, Sacral/Sex, Solar P
Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual Balance Centredness
Meridian Stomach
Meridian Spleen
Meridian Small Intestine
Meridian Lung
Meridian Liver
Meridian Large Intestine
Meridian Kidney
Meridian Heart Protector
Meridian Heart
Meridian Governing Vessel
Meridian Gall Bladder
Meridian Conception Vessel
Meridian Bladder
Meridian All
Meridian Triple Warmer
Essences (Realms)

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