Abundance essence, oil and spray Abundance Stabilizer

The "Original" Abundance Essence, Oil, Spray and Abundance Stabilizer

Abundance: Discover your inner connection with the source of all that is and manifest your heart's desire in any area of your life.

The Abundance essence is a combination of plants and minerals in a base of pure spring water and brandy which acts as a preservative. It aligns Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit to act in a unified manner to achieve individual goals while forging a connection with the larger flow of all of life. It promotes 'abundance consciousness.'

Taken orally, the Abundance essence alleviates self doubt, encourages self worth, and promotes willingness to receive and participate in the flow. It is an essence of transformation of consciousness.

The Abundance Oil is a pure aromatherapy oil which can be used for massage, bath therapy, or in an aromatic diffuser. It is a combination of the Abundance essence and the essential oil of Tangerine which carries the orange healing ray of creativity and productivity. The pleasing fragrance of Tangerine brings to mind the joy and wonder of Christmas - the feast of love, joy and abundance. It is both warming and soothing to the Body/Mind and helps to maintain the fine line of balance between the excitement and fear of new ventures. It frees us to participate fully in the adventure of life by gently releasing limiting attitudes. For external use only.

The Abundance Spray contains pure tangerine oil and Abundance essence in a water carrier. For external use only.

 22 Day Abundance ProgramThe Abundance Program is a 22 day commitment to yourself. It is designed to be used while taking the Abundance essence orally and using the Abundance Oil on a daily basis.

The purpose of the 22 Day Program is to create a new framework for manifesting Abundance at any and all levels of your life. You may choose your focus to be money, relationships, work, family, health, or any area where you are experiencing lack or scarcity.

Each exercise is designed to release "stuff" which no longer serves you, or to assist you in creating a particular experience of Abundance in your life. Essentially the program, along with the use of the Abundance Essence and Oil, will repattern cellular memory so that you can experience your own inner power to manifest exactly what you want.

Now in it's fifth printing, and translated into Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, French, German and Italian, the Abundance Program has become a major tool of transformation around the planet.

Abundance StabilizerAbundance Stabilizer
• Allows us to appreciate the abundance already in our lives
• Nourishes self confidence and ability to trust our choices
• Promotes trust and gratitude

I am grateful for being connected to the flow of abundance.
I use my resources so that the flow of abundance in my life continues and grows.
I trust that I always know how to use my resources for my highest good.
I easily let go of any limiting beliefs or feelings that prevent me from being in the flow of abundance.
The experience of abundance is a reliable and stable force in my life.

In a nutshell:
• feeling the connection with the abundance in the universe
• feeling safe to use the resources we have
• trusting that abundance is a flow of energy and not something static and limited


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