Abundance Stabilizer

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Abundance® Stabilizer 25 ml Bottle


  • I am grateful for being connected to the flow of abundance
  • I use my resources so that the flow of abundance in my life continues and grows
  • I trust that I always know how to use my resources for my highest good
  • I easily let go of any limiting beliefs or feelings that prevent me from being in the flow of abundance
  • The experience of abundance is a reliable and stable force in my life. d stable force in my life

In a Nutshell:

  • Allows us to appreciate the abundance already in our lives
  • Feeling the connection with the abundance in the universe
  • Feeling safe to use the resources we have
  • Trusting that abundance is a flow of energy and not something static and limited
  • For more inflow than outflow of money
  • Nourishes self confidence and ability to trust our choices
  • Promotes trust and gratitude
Composition Resonance Indications Quote



Alleviates worry and unproductive thinking patterns

  • It brings into body and physical being a sense of magnetization
  • It calms down consciousness attracting patterns of worth, value, and reverence

I gift you the ability to connect to and cooperate with All that Is.
Trust in each moment that you have the ability to act with carefree abandon.

Open to receiving all the blessings of life


Abundance Stabilizer


Essences (Realms) Combinations
Resonance Stability
Key Attractors Worth, Value, Reverence, Clear conductor
Key Challenges Powerless, Stuck, Ungrounded, Lack of Vision
Meridians All, Bladder, Conception Vessel, Gall Bladder, Governing Vessel, Heart, Heart Protector, Kidney, Lar
Chakras All, Back Head, Back Neck, Crown, Forehead, Heart, Meng Mein, Navel, Root/Basic, Sacral/Sex, Solar P
Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual Worth
Chakra All
Limited feeling disconnected from the flow
Trust in our ability to make choices
Trust in the unfolding and flow of life
Lack of Vision
Clear conductor
Meridian All
Essences (Realms)

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